Idoia Telleria Maritxalar

When I was little, I used to go to my father’s studio, pick up the red and gold album of my parents, sit in the red armchair and spend hours looking at the family photos. Photos of my grandparents, their family, my parents when they were little, their brothers, cousins ​​… The smell of old photographs made me drunk and I tried to live and think about the lives they had had. I invented stories and tried to revive them through life, weddings, holidays … I loved doing it again and again.

It is an obsession that has taken me to make the family photo of study with. My parents, sister, niece and children. That’s where the passion comes from and the desire to tell the stories of the people I portray. I want my photographs to tell stories, speak for themselves, for those who see them, relive that feeling and that experience.

The revealing moment was when I stopped making simple photos to create memories, good moments, to wait to capture the moment, the best smile, because I realized that mine also started to be, the best moment, the best smile, the unexpected tear that came from behind the camera.